Daily Prompt: Relax


Anxiety gone.

Beautifully innocent thoughts

flowing through the mind

like a refreshing spring breeze.

Cares are non-existence

breathing is deep and peaceful

the body no longer holding the

weight of the world, finally

attaining complete relaxation.


Having a Heart With No Direction

Daily Prompt: Folly

Having a Heart With No Direction

Chasing the winds

thinking they’re free

saying “Whatever”

and giggling with false glee,

having no real ambitions

and uncaring of their purpose,

sadly blinded by ignorance and folly.


Daily Prompt: Conundrum

Certain aspects of life are real conundrums,

situations we don’t understand,

they break our hearts, confuse our minds,

sends our souls twirling in a dark spiral.


We’re not meant to understand everything

somethings are meant to stay mysteries

which can be really discouraging

and leave us asking, “Why?”


But other mysteries we should be excited for,

the ones that will open new doors

and help us see the world in a different light

and experience a joy we’ve never felt before.


It’s quite hard to say, but the painful mysteries need

to be let go. It will take time but can be done, I know.

A traumatic experience I had, a year ago, I still don’t

understand why it happened, saddened me for weeks

and caused pain that lasted long after.

But I will let it go and start something new

yes it happened and I can’t erase nor change it

but from now I won’t let it control me

instead I’ll control my perspective of the outcome

I’ll do my best to see the light so

the chains of darkness

will no longer hold me hostage .


Too Many Times

Daily Prompt: Flee

Too many times people flee

from responsibility,

fears and stepping into something new

what their hearts want, but their too scared

of the hurt it could bring,

yet regret hurts more for it haunts:

Should have, could have, what if,

repeated phrases of the mind.

The pain of “should have” and the

daydreams of “could have,” and “what if,” are only temporary solutions

for sometimes it’s too late to make them reality.

Far too many times people flee

from what is a great opportunity.


Daily Prompt: Vanish


Thinking about where time goes…

seems to have vanished,

yet its effect still lingers, continuously…

Memories are still vivid in the mind

yet gone from the present, but is

given power to influence the future.

Time, intangible, some try to get a grasp

but it always slips through their stiff and tired fingers.

Some want time to stop, some feel as if they’re running

out of it. Some want it to rewind itself, to start all over

but the truth is, time keeps going and it won’t stop.

It may seem slow one moment and fast for another

but its speed is always the same, one of the few things

that never change.

The time we have shall be highly valued and not a second of it

should be wasted

so when we

lay for our final rest

we’ll be able to say,

“My time was well spent.”