True Love (Excerpt from Journeys in Love)

These are the last few stanzas of the first poem in my chapbook, Journeys in Love.

True Love


Love isn’t pushing someone out of the way of sorrow and pain

but standing by their side and sharing their woes and

the multiple injuries they endure,

tending to their wounds and helping them heal.


Love never involves retaliation but understanding;

a soft word, gentle and true.

Love is being approachable in every situation,

it is a patient and listening ear

eager to hear.


Love is irreplaceable,

feelings come along with love, but love, not a feeling itself.

But what it is, a commitment

a vow to never neglect,

to always be present, despite the aches, disagreements,

degrees of turmoil and despair life bring.


True love lasts forever

and will never fail.


Trying Not to be Cliche

This is one of the poems from my chapbook, Journeys in Love.

Trying Not to be Cliché…


Roses are red…

My love burns for you like…

You’re as bright as a…

You’re unique…

You’re one in a million, no, a billion…


Let me start over.


Roses are red like the fire

that burns deep in my heart,

bright like your uniqueness

that makes you one in a billion.