“Someday” Today

Daily Prompt: Someday

“Someday” Today

Someday my dreams will come true

but I won’t wait until then to be happy.

Life is good now, I’m not suffering

there’s nothing to complain about

yes, I can make improvements

but there’s no reason to be miserable.


For years I said, “I’ll be happy when…”

But “when” came and I still wasn’t happy.

Better late than never, I learned that

happiness is a choice, and I made that

choice the day I found out and what a

difference it made.


I’m smiling and laughing more than ever,

looking on the positive sides of everything, (Yes, I see more than one!)

telling stress and anxiety “No!”

and not worrying way less than I used to.

I no longer so hard on myself

and accepted that being imperfect

is perfectly fine.


Sometimes you have to make “Someday” today.




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