Daily Prompt: Conundrum

Certain aspects of life are real conundrums,

situations we don’t understand,

they break our hearts, confuse our minds,

sends our souls twirling in a dark spiral.


We’re not meant to understand everything

somethings are meant to stay mysteries

which can be really discouraging

and leave us asking, “Why?”


But other mysteries we should be excited for,

the ones that will open new doors

and help us see the world in a different light

and experience a joy we’ve never felt before.


It’s quite hard to say, but the painful mysteries need

to be let go. It will take time but can be done, I know.

A traumatic experience I had, a year ago, I still don’t

understand why it happened, saddened me for weeks

and caused pain that lasted long after.

But I will let it go and start something new

yes it happened and I can’t erase nor change it

but from now I won’t let it control me

instead I’ll control my perspective of the outcome

I’ll do my best to see the light so

the chains of darkness

will no longer hold me hostage .



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