Daily Prompt: Vanish


Thinking about where time goes…

seems to have vanished,

yet its effect still lingers, continuously…

Memories are still vivid in the mind

yet gone from the present, but is

given power to influence the future.

Time, intangible, some try to get a grasp

but it always slips through their stiff and tired fingers.

Some want time to stop, some feel as if they’re running

out of it. Some want it to rewind itself, to start all over

but the truth is, time keeps going and it won’t stop.

It may seem slow one moment and fast for another

but its speed is always the same, one of the few things

that never change.

The time we have shall be highly valued and not a second of it

should be wasted

so when we

lay for our final rest

we’ll be able to say,

“My time was well spent.”


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