Facebook Page for Poets!

Hi everybody!

It’s been a long while since I posted and I apologize if I disappointed any of you because of my lack of posts. I’m going through a huge career change (or career gain haha) so my focus has been far away from poetry for the past couple of months.

I just wanted to thank all the 69 people who are following this blog. Thank you for your support. I can’t tell you how much your support has helped me!

I would like to say that my Facebook page, “Nothing But Poetry” is open to the public. If you have poems you would like to share, you are welcome to post on this page. Although I’d prefer no obscene language or mature content on the page, there won’t be any consequences if you do post poems that contain these components. I will point out, however, that if anything rude, offensive, or not relating to poetry at all will be deleted.

Thank you all so much again. Have fun and good luck with all your blogs. I hope they grow, reach and inspire more and more people each day!


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