“Our Paths Will Cross Again.”

“Our Paths Will Cross Again.”


Agonizing yet tolerable

I walk the trail similar to the

one where we first met.

The leaves were falling.

You were so mesmerized by the crunch

of the leaves that you bumped into me.


We walked together

as you were obsessed with stepping

on every leaf.

But I didn’t mind.

I admired your child-like spirit

and have ever since.


We walked to a park

and together we

sat on the swings

talking about our childhood memories.


Who knew a casual walk

would open the gateway to love.

Neither of us could explain it at the time;

just something about this day made everything brighter.


But not too long after that I had to move away.

I procrastinated to tell you, for I promised to never break your heart.

When I finally did you nodded silently and held me tighter than

you ever had.


You said “Let’s not break up. Our paths will cross again.”

I started to ask, “What if…”

but you gently put your finger on my lips.

This kiss,

I knew it was the last one for a long time.

I still remember it as if it just happened.


I’ll move back as soon as I can, I promise you

and things will be better than they were before.


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