When the Smoke Clears

When the Smoke Clears


When the smoke clears

and the fire is done

it will be clear

who I’ve become.



Daily Prompt: Artificial


No substance whatsoever

lost, floating, nothing

significant about its existence.

Neither does it look for a reason

to exist, just goes wherever

it’s put.

No dignity, integrity,

nor bearing personality.


Emptiness, darkness

absence of ambition

absence of a true future.

Artificiality obtains no weight

yet is such a heavy burden.

Millions of Miles

Daily Prompt: Millions

I was running away from something

at the same time, I was running to something.

I’ve traveled what feels like

millions of miles but still didn’t find

what I was looking for,


After years of running I

finally realized

I never needed to run.

I had to make the most

of what I was given.

I shouldn’t have dreaded

the dark clouds and thunder

but should’ve looked forward

to the bright sun that awaited

me on the other side.

I didn’t need to move at all

I just needed to know that

God is here with me always

and that happiness is not found

by running to or from something.

I need to find happiness

inside myself and I’ll never again

have to travel millions of miles.

In the Meantime

Daily Prompt: Waiting

In the Meantime

It’s hard to be patient

it’s hard to be distracted

from what I’m waiting for.

But I must remember there’s

a time for everything

and I can’t just sit still and do

nothing until these things come to me.

In the meantime, I must prepare for their arrival,

I must better myself so there will be minimal surprises

and a less difficult struggle when adversity comes.



Daily Prompt: Urgent


The mind is racing

although it seems like

the world stopped turning.

Knowing that time doesn’t stop

but wishing that it would pause

for a while. Wanting to turn back

time to prevent what just happened

or to make the present easier.


“All things will work out for your good.”

comforting words that soothe the soul

put the mind at ease and takes away the


Everything goes smoother with a calm spirit

and this sense of urgency will pass.