Far From Finished

Daily Prompt: Unfinished

Far From Finished

I know it seems like everything’s closing in

and your soul is heavy from the weight of the problems

that are coming from all kinds of angles,

but know that you are loved

and that you’ll get through this storm.

Keep your head up and your eyes open

a lot can be learned in trials.

The virtue of patience

and that anxiety is an option.

This will make you stronger.

Remember the sun is always out

it’s right behind the clouds.

Your life is far from finished.



Daily Prompt: Dilemma

Whether to

keep a secret or lift the burden off the chest,

try something new or stay comfortable

be complacent or make a change

make a dream true or let it stay a fantasy

seek help or do it all alone…


Everyday dilemmas

unfortunately unavoidable

yet whichever decision

projects us forward.


Pretending (Hiding Truths)

Daily Prompt: Pretend

Pretending (Hiding Truths)

The lies, like

burning thorns inside

causing constant pain to one self and others.


Although it will hurt,

the thorns need to make an exit

the only way they’ll leave is when pulled out by the victim.

How these thorns formed, no one knows,

it doesn’t matter now

they need to be addressed, they need to be removed.

There will be scars, yet the brightness of a new future will make them fade.


You’ll Never Need to Panic


You’ll Never Need to Panic

Block those nagging doubts that invade your sweet thoughts

cover your eyes from the depressing images

silence your tongue from negative speech.


Open your mind to favorable possibilities

look up at the silver lining

and let everything you say be without malice and uplifting.


With this, you’ll never need to panic

when things get hard, when they don’t go your way.

Be patient, it will work out

and the dark clouds will soon be out of sight.


Waiting Together

Daily Prompt: Together

Waiting Together

Waiting for a bus on this dark night

the streetlights, our only company.

Slightly windy, cold, light sprinkle from the sky.

He keeps apologizing for his car breaking down.

I say “It’s fine,” but he’s convinced it’s not.


The rain falls harder

he starts to cover me with his jacket,

I pull an umbrella out my bag and

stand on my toes to cover him with it.


He gently brushes his hand against mine

as he takes the umbrella from me to cover us both

and leans forward and kisses me.

I slide my hands up to his shoulders and kiss him back.


Waiting for a bus on this dark night

with the dimming streetlights and the pouring rain,

as our only company.