This Chest

This Chest

This chest

its contents

heavier every year.

Locked tightly, voluntarily

alone in the dark protecting

the holder’s future and relations

or so it thought.


The holder, unable to bear the weight anymore

shook as she took the key from her pocket.

Dropped it a couple of times, but finally

inserted the key and turned the lock.


The chest hesitantly opened wide.

Blinding light came from it.

Cautiously, she picked it up

and showed it to the ones she loved.


They didn’t react with disgust

and skepticism as she thought they would.

Instead, they accepted the dreams

she hid away for so long.


The chest lighter now,

free of fear, free of doubt.

In fact, it’s no longer a chest

but a pure and adventurous heart,

like it was before.



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