Tell Me (Your Pain is Obvious)

Daily Prompt: Obvious

Tell Me (Your Pain is Obvious)

Your lips speak one thing

while you’re eyes speak another.

You can’t lie, stop the lies.

Look me in the eyes and tell

me how you really feel.


No, stop telling me everything’s okay.

I see the tears in your eyes. What are you hiding?

What are you holding back?

Are we not friends? Why can’t you tell me the truth?

If it’s to protect me, you’re doing a lousy job.

Lies only push people away, break trust, ruin



Tell me.


Tell me. You’ll feel so much better,

you’ll finally have that extra weight off your heart.

Tell me, your secrets are safe with me.

I’ll stand by you no matter what happened

and what you did about it.

I chose to be your friend for a reason.

I love you, please, tell me.



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