This Chest

This Chest

This chest

its contents

heavier every year.

Locked tightly, voluntarily

alone in the dark protecting

the holder’s future and relations

or so it thought.


The holder, unable to bear the weight anymore

shook as she took the key from her pocket.

Dropped it a couple of times, but finally

inserted the key and turned the lock.


The chest hesitantly opened wide.

Blinding light came from it.

Cautiously, she picked it up

and showed it to the ones she loved.


They didn’t react with disgust

and skepticism as she thought they would.

Instead, they accepted the dreams

she hid away for so long.


The chest lighter now,

free of fear, free of doubt.

In fact, it’s no longer a chest

but a pure and adventurous heart,

like it was before.



(Witnessing) Poetry

Daily Prompt: Witness


Some see it as merely a way to get emotions out

down on paper and to never be mentioned again.

Some see it as a mere hobby,

something to do when feeling bored or artistic.

But what people of these thoughts don’t know

is that poetry is a way of life.


It’s more than using fancy similies and metaphors

it’s having a unique perspective

of the world and its situations

and expressing it in the most

creative way possible with using

these precious tools: words.


Words don’t just communicate to the mind

but to the heart. They can lift a spirit

within seconds and forever enlighten a soul.

Once one has witnessed being immersed in this beautiful art

there is no escaping it nor the desire to.



Tell Me (Your Pain is Obvious)

Daily Prompt: Obvious

Tell Me (Your Pain is Obvious)

Your lips speak one thing

while you’re eyes speak another.

You can’t lie, stop the lies.

Look me in the eyes and tell

me how you really feel.


No, stop telling me everything’s okay.

I see the tears in your eyes. What are you hiding?

What are you holding back?

Are we not friends? Why can’t you tell me the truth?

If it’s to protect me, you’re doing a lousy job.

Lies only push people away, break trust, ruin



Tell me.


Tell me. You’ll feel so much better,

you’ll finally have that extra weight off your heart.

Tell me, your secrets are safe with me.

I’ll stand by you no matter what happened

and what you did about it.

I chose to be your friend for a reason.

I love you, please, tell me.



Daily Prompt: Miniature


Everything starts out miniature

seeds, dreams, people, businesses.

They all need nurturing to become successful

but only strong people will make

all these grow into something amazing.


Regardless of how strong one is,

the task is never easy. Tears will be shed

and doubt will try to invade these minds

but their will shall overcome these

difficult trials and rejoice as they see

their hard work pay off, the lives

they change, and the hope they give.