Elusive (At Least Tried to Be)



“No, you’ll never catch me!” I yelled at the top of my lungs

and ran faster through the dark thickets.

Cuts arose, blood was shed, but I kept running, running…


I finally ran out of breath and ducked in the bushes

I saw it standing there, looking, waiting, calmly…

“Maybe it isn’t it’s monstrous imposter,

maybe it’s real… No! I can’t endure any more pain,

I can’t!”

I got up as fast as I could, stumbling as I took off at full speed.

It turned and saw me, and the pursuit continued.


I looked back, it was closer than before,

I shook my head and kept running,

I tripped over a tree root and fell into the lake

and stood up, shivering violently.


It actually helped me out of the lake

and dried me with it’s warmth

and bandaged my wounds

then, I knew it was real.


Love, I’m sorry I eluded you.

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