Poetry, My Sanctuary


I have to admit that when I first found out you existed

I loved you. I admired your beauty, your form.

You were nothing I ever experienced.


But as years went on,

I loathed you. I saw you as a dark place

but that wasn’t true at all.

The truth is, I abused you

used you as an emotional garbage can,

only spoke of sadness and defeat

out of my own curiosity of dark emotion

and not knowing how to present my own

emotions properly.


But somehow for some reason,

you kept calling me back.

Eventually I came and

gained a whole new perspective.

I’m sorry for hating you. And now I realize

that without you, I wouldn’t know how

to express my feelings in a healthy manner

and see the beauty of love and happiness.


I do love you, now more than before

for you are my sanctuary.


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