The Ten O’Clock Dance

Clock-Daily Prompt

The Ten O’Clock Dance

She sits down at the table with

supposedly the man of her dreams.

Smiling through the pain he caused her toes.

They try to talk over the music, nodding at each

other after each statement, not having a clue of

what words were said.


She looks at the clock, dread comes upon her.

It’s almost ten o’clock, when she needs to fulfill her promise

to a guy she thinks is a total pest

so he’ll leave her alone for good.


Still five minutes to go, she can’t take this feeling anymore;

she walks up to her irksome irritant.

He looks up to her and says,

“I knew you’d be eager to dance…”

“Let’s get this over with,” she grumbles.

He beams as she takes his hand and hurries

to the dance floor. She rolls her eyes as a very slow song

starts to play. She cringes as she sees everyone around her holding

each other close.


He gently wraps his arms around her and leads

her in small circle.

She puts her arms on his shoulders, hoping the

song will be short.

“You look gorgeous tonight,” he says in her ear.


“I should thank you, for making my dreams come true.”

Guilt slaps her right in the face. All those years of

pushing him away, making fun of him,

saying terrible things to and about him.

she couldn’t believe how selfish she was.

Now she realizes he was just innocently

pursuing the lady of his dreams.


She sighs and says, “You don’t deserve me. I’ve treated you like

garbage ever since we’ve met.”

“I know. But I want you anyway.”

He softly kisses her cheek and places his head on top of hers.

Her heart melts and tears come to her eyes

as they continue their graceful circle.


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