Poem of the Week #18: Army Husband

Army Husband


He still remembers as if it were yesterday,

saying goodbye to her at the airport

to fight a war that neither of them fully understand.

He never wanted to let go.

If he could’ve, he would have held her forever.

But he understood her  commitment and slowly

released her. It’s been nearly a year now…


He tries to get his mind off of her.

He goes on jogs and blasts heavy metal.

He even joined a bowling team and trains hard

as captain. But everything he does reminds

him of her. How they used to jog together

so she could pass her physical fitness test,

the disgusted look on her face

when she heard his playlists,

and how she beat him at bowling on their first date…


He sighs at these thoughts

trying not to become depressed or go insane.

“She’ll return soon.”

“She’ll be back before you know it,”

his friends always say.

He quietly agrees, trying hard

to fight the pain and

to change the subject.


Although it hurts,

he still faithfully awaits

his beloved’s homecoming.

Every night, he dreams

about their reunion.

He feels the tight and

warm embrace

of her arms and lips

and hears her say,

“I’m home for good!”


This dream used to torment him

but now he smiles when he wakes,

knowing that someday it

will no longer be a dream.


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