Dramatic-Daily Prompt

Living their dreams

on center stage.

Their talents and wit, bursting at the seams.


They gracefully dance

to the classic orchestra’s tunes,

leave the audience in a trance


To complete the attenders’ immersion

singers and actors are added to the performance

which gained them a standing ovation.


These lovely dramatics, braver than I’ll ever be;

making themselves vulnerable to endless critiques.

No matter what the reviews say, dramatics are extraordinary,

very strong and admirable indeed.






Who knew simple admiration could turn into this:

mind-numbing, heart-pounding, fantasy-filled aspiration?

One turn of the head and peek into the heart is all it took

to fall head over heels for this lovely individual,

a kind, fun, encouraging soul full of light

who loves to bring smiles to everyone

and brighten their day.



One day, I wish to obtain these qualities as well

to make the world a happier place,

to share my light instead of keeping it for myself

and to remind others that there is still good in the world.







To go left or right,

up or down,

to walk or crawl,

to sneak in or sprint,

to climb or be carried,

to fight or cower,

to walk way or confront,

to smile and nod or ask for a repeat,

to fake or be real,

to pursue or wait…


These decisions,

all yours to make.