Poem of the Week #15: Finally! (Part 2)

Finally (Part 2)

As if ice is sliding within his veins

he shakes nervously at the altar

as he waits for his bride, anxious thoughts

begin to fill his mind.


Hoping not to forget and stumble over his vows,

Hoping that no one will notice the ketchup stain

he’s attempting to hide under his tie.

He wonders if he’s even worthy of her.


Everyone looks at the beginning of the aisle

as the pianist plays Wedding March.

He takes a deep breath as he sees

the love of his life approach him.


Her flowery, white dress flows

along with her dark hair as

she gracefully walks toward the altar.

She’s holding bright yellow flowers,

and wearing her biggest smile.


A tear comes to the groom’s eye.

The shaking stops

the anxious thoughts silence.

Seeing her luminous smile,

her excitement as they make eye contact;

he realizes no matter what mistakes he makes

she’ll still love him.


She finally reaches the altar,

the music fades.

This is it, this is the moment

when forever begins.



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