Poem of the Week #14: Peace

Its icy cold grasp is

finally slipping…


I reach for the jagged door

that’s been shut for as long

as I’ve been battling this monster.


Giving me painful chills,

scaring me out of my mind,

forcing me to stay with it

in the darkness…


It took me nearly most my life

but I found the door

I know it will be painful to open, but not as painful

as being stuck in chains and trembling to death.


The door has no handle

I fit my fingers in between the crack and the wall

Blood runs down my hands

as I slowly but surely

make progress.

Pain, about to take over my will

The monster grasps me again.

“No, no more!”

The door flies open, I lose my grip.

The door hits the monster in the face.

I sprint through the opening

I fall, the light blinding.


I realize, I’m on grass

its dew, heals my wounds.

My eyes adjust. I’m in a meadow.

No more monsters, no more darkness.

The breeze of Peace overtakes me

for the first time I can breathe.

I do regret taking so long to find you, Peace,

but I’d rather find you late in life than never at all.


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