Poem of the Week #12: Kindness

My mind was clouded

by the bitterness of my soul

and the nagging pain in my spirit.

I was lead through the dark

by the hurt of past transgressions

committed against me

until an unexpected act of kindness

touched my dainted heart.


The fog cleared,

the bitterness melted,

the nagging pain finally seized.

This act, made me realize that

I am special, and I am worth something.

The painful events of the past never matter,

only the actions of the present.

After thinking of myself as an invisible,

valueless piece of nothingness,

this random gift received by

a stranger erased these thoughts.


Now it is my turn.

I need to spread kindness

and the joy it brings.

I vow to show love to others

as love was shown to me.


Every life is precious

and should be reminded so.




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