Poem of the Week #11: Risk



I’m standing on the edge

high above the abyss.

I pace back and forth

looking down the large,

dark hole filled with uncertainty.


I take out my flashlight to see

if I can see the bottom, I can’t.

I throw a rock, and count how

many seconds pass before it reaches

the bottom. I never hear it hit the floor.


I pace back and forth again.

I turn around and see a meadow

filled with flowers and peace

absent of all worries.

“It will be safer there, but I want to live

for once.” I turn back to the abyss,

close my eyes, and jump.


The feeling of falling

feels like suffocating,

I wail my limbs, afraid out of my mind

Not knowing when I’ll land, or

if I’ll stand again.


I finally hit the bottom; it hurts

but not nearly as badly as I thought it would.

I take out my flashlight, now lighting up

everything around me.


Crystals and gold,

diamonds, and rubies

glisten; their colors

reflecting off the walls.


I lightly touch the precious stones,

awe-struck by their luminosity and

beauty. Never have I seen such riches,

yet, never have I took such a risk.


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