Poem of the Week #8: Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!


What a great feeling it is

knowing we spent another year together.

I want to write you something special,

nothing I’ve ever written before.


When I look back at what I wrote you in the past

it’s hard to believe all the cliches I used.

Forgive me for using words that weren’t mine

I thought were from my heart, but were stuck in my mind

from things I’ve read a long time ago.


I’m actually not sure I can think of any words that

do any justice describing you.

They just don’t fully capture the essence of  the joy

you possess and share with others

and the way you bring laughter to a desolate soul.


They can’t explain that the comfort of your voice

can bring calmness to even the most nervous of wrecks

and how your embrace warms the coldest of hearts…

I suppose I did find words that can describe you after all.


Happy anniversary! I love you dearly

you sweet bundle of sunshine!

I’m looking forward to many more anniversaries with you!


(Unfortunately this is  fictional poem, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!)


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