Poem of the Week #11: Risk



I’m standing on the edge

high above the abyss.

I pace back and forth

looking down the large,

dark hole filled with uncertainty.


I take out my flashlight to see

if I can see the bottom, I can’t.

I throw a rock, and count how

many seconds pass before it reaches

the bottom. I never hear it hit the floor.


I pace back and forth again.

I turn around and see a meadow

filled with flowers and peace

absent of all worries.

“It will be safer there, but I want to live

for once.” I turn back to the abyss,

close my eyes, and jump.


The feeling of falling

feels like suffocating,

I wail my limbs, afraid out of my mind

Not knowing when I’ll land, or

if I’ll stand again.


I finally hit the bottom; it hurts

but not nearly as badly as I thought it would.

I take out my flashlight, now lighting up

everything around me.


Crystals and gold,

diamonds, and rubies

glisten; their colors

reflecting off the walls.


I lightly touch the precious stones,

awe-struck by their luminosity and

beauty. Never have I seen such riches,

yet, never have I took such a risk.


Poem of the Week #10: Proclamation



Like a glass overflowing,

an overfilled balloon,

kernels in a hot pan,

this feeling continually intensifies…


I’ll shout it to the world,

I’ll tell you everyday

that I love and adore you

more than you’ll ever think I do.


No amount of money,

nor amount of time

is too much to spend on you.

I’ll do anything to put a smile

on your beautiful face.


Poem of the Week #9: My Berceuse to You

Sleep tight tonight,

don’t let the mistakes of today overcome you

nor the anxieties of tomorrow.

Let your imagination flow,

dream the dreams in your heart

so you can make them come true when you wake.


Reminisce on the good memories from today and beyond.

Think of the beautiful future you obtain

and the great things you’ll do for yourself and others.


Fall asleep knowing you’re special,

your accomplishments will be substantial

when you stay true to yourself and follow the

One who created you.

You’re nothing less than amazing

know you’re loved and accepted no matter what.


You need not worry for anything. You’re always covered,

and always a priority in your loved ones’ lives.

Sleep tight tonight.







Poem of the Week #8: Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!


What a great feeling it is

knowing we spent another year together.

I want to write you something special,

nothing I’ve ever written before.


When I look back at what I wrote you in the past

it’s hard to believe all the cliches I used.

Forgive me for using words that weren’t mine

I thought were from my heart, but were stuck in my mind

from things I’ve read a long time ago.


I’m actually not sure I can think of any words that

do any justice describing you.

They just don’t fully capture the essence of  the joy

you possess and share with others

and the way you bring laughter to a desolate soul.


They can’t explain that the comfort of your voice

can bring calmness to even the most nervous of wrecks

and how your embrace warms the coldest of hearts…

I suppose I did find words that can describe you after all.


Happy anniversary! I love you dearly

you sweet bundle of sunshine!

I’m looking forward to many more anniversaries with you!


(Unfortunately this is  fictional poem, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!)

New Poem of the Week #7: Chorus

This thing, it’s got me dancing, something I’ve never done before

This thing, it’s got me dreaming all new dreams, life’s no more a bore

This thing, it’s got me singing tunes, I never thought I’d sing

I never knew it’d be this crazy, the joy true love can bring.


I’m thinking this could be a good chorus to a song. If you enjoyed this and want me to complete the song, I’ll be more than happy to! Just leave a request in the comment section and I’ll get to work and post it next week!