Poem of the Week #6: Fun Heals

The oceans waves, rippling when it hits the shore

seagulls cry, flying high in the orange sky,

the breeze, bringing little refreshment to those who are weary.


Behind the smiles and glasses is pain

some of which will be known someday,

some, unfortunately, will be hidden and

taken along to the grave.


Two friends, running barefoot

the sand from in between their toes

are washed away as they run

into the cool ocean

splashing each other

and laughing, causing others to smile

gently lifting the cares of heavy hearts, enlightening cynical minds,

healing broken spirits, and bringing light into the dark corners of souls.


These friends may never know what they have done

They changed and even saved lives;

their display reassured happiness exists

and that it’s okay to let loose

and have childish fun.




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