Creativity:The Painter’s Goal

via Daily Prompt: Paint
For those of you who are not familiar with, users (usually people who pay for membership) can create poetry contests. The prizes usually consist of points and ribbons. Last week I entered a contest. The theme was “Creativity.” At first, I wanted to write a poem about a carver and his thought process. The only problem was, I have no idea how to carve anything, let alone the thought process, so I scrapped that idea. I later thought of a painter and what would go through a painter’s mind. I knew I had to create a picture in the readers’ mind; never have I used such detail in my writing so it was a bit nerve-wracking. Anyway, I ended up getting a bronze ribbon! Here is my “award winning” poem, “The Painter’s Goal.”


The Painter’s Goal


“It has to be perfect!” he says to himself
as he looks down at the paints and paintbrush in his hands.

He carefully strokes the blank canvas, not a drop wasted as he paints the
orange dots with black middles
on top of the green swirls
that compliment the deep and vibrant blue
occupying the middle of the canvas.

A soothing lavender abiding the top and bottom, engraved with white petals
with rich, gold tips traveling like vines, connecting to one another.
The cozy jade encloses the sides with vigilant zigzags.

She walks in unexpectedly as he wipes the sweat off his brow and dips his paintbrush once more.

“It’s beautiful,” she says unconsciously, her young mind wrapped in wonder.

He puts down the brush and takes off his apron.
“Perfect,” he whispers to the painting.



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