Poem #5: Hopeful Hopeless Romantics

Hopeful Hopeless Romantics


She would see a man who caught her eye

and immediately dive into daydreaming

bright, flowery, innocent fantasies of the future

marriage, kids, making each other’s dreams come true…


She wrote poems, gave gifts, and said how she felt

through her eyes, she was a keeper, which is true,

she has such a beautiful soul,

but no one wanted to keep her.


Despite her efforts, none of the men she declared her love to felt nearly the same way

they would scoff at her anticipations, leaving her broken inside.

She didn’t understand what she was doing wrong

Was she too forward? Revealed her feelings too soon?

Alas, she would never know.



He would reserve tables at places he couldn’t afford,

Work extra hours just to be able to buy a rose,

He’d drive on empty for miles and miles

but he would never tell a soul.


Alas, always unappreciated.

He could never keep a woman in his arms for long.

If they knew the sacrifices he made

they would have given him a second thought.


His heart, sunken lower than his soles,

His soul in turmoil and agony

His spirit dimmed and doubtful

of finding the woman he would hold forever.


He walks along through the park

hoping to forget his sorrow,

his pockets, empty, head hung low

He notices her, sitting on a bench, crying.

He sits next to her and asks if she’s alright.


She shakes her head and wipes her eyes,

she points to a man, a man she once proposed to,

was on his knee, proposing to someone else.


He holds her tight, knowing her

heart was ripped from her

along with a piece of her soul.

She cries in his shoulder, unashamed

for she knew he wasn’t judging.


She runs out of tears, she pulls back

He looks deep into her eyes, seeing her pain

She notices and becomes entranced,

never has she witnessed such compassion.


He offers to walk through the park with her

She hesitantly accepts.

He tells a bunch a bad jokes,

but she laughs anyway, each laugh healing her a bit each time.


She shares the memories she had in this park,

how she saw a deer, and skinned her knee from running away.

He hangs on every word, never losing interest.


The sun sets, she says she has to go.

She hugs him, hoping she’ll see him again soon.

He hugs back and suggests they exchange numbers.

She smiles and nervously recites the digits as he

inputs them into his phone.

He says he’ll call her later and farewell.


He exits the park, his spirit repaired,

thinking of new jokes to tell and

what other parks she may like the visit.


She exits the park, her heart no longer broken,

has a smile no one can turn into a frown

she forgets all the pain she endured before,

all the poems, the gifts, and the heartbreaking scoffs.


These hopeless romantics aren’t so hopeless.

In fact, they never were.

They just looked for love in the wrong places,

places that never truly accepted them, that

failed to see the beauty in their hearts,

their selfless ways, their gracious souls.

These places, never deserved such love,

failing to embrace it while they had the chance.

This love, now in a place where it belongs,

where it will grow nothing but stronger and last forever.



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