New Poem of the Week #1: To Those Who Are Struggling

Your days will get better, brighter

don’t give up, keep going.

Even though it feels like you’re not moving at all,

you are. You’re moving way faster than you think.

God has great things in store for you, don’t stop.

You’re always closer than you think.


I won’t lie, there will be heartache

there will be difficult situations,

quarrels, unfairness,

times when you think it’s too much

but you’ll get through it.


Remember, when the storm ends, there is light,

and strength, you’ll have more strength at the end.

More times you’ll say, “Been there, done that,” “This is nothing,” “I can handle this.”


You’ll smile more, have greater confidence.

People will admire you, be inspired by your actions,

how gracious you are through tough times, not easily phased.


Lift your head, I know you see only clouds

but they’ll go away soon,

don’t focus on the darkness they bring.

And the rain,

think of the rain as a shower,

cleansing you, making you better than before.

No matter how dimly it may show, light is always present.



I believe in you, so do the others around you.

And to those who discourage you, pay them no mind.

Don’t be influenced by their blindness.

You and I see that your future is bright

and filled with wonderful, beautiful things.


It’s raining now, but before you know it,

you’ll be dancing in the Sun’s bright rays,

drying from it’s comforting heat,

under the rainbow shining just for you.





2 thoughts on “New Poem of the Week #1: To Those Who Are Struggling

  1. I liked the message of the poem. I think it could be stronger if you used the natural elements you talk about and contrasted them to make your point. Or even use the elements of nature to evoke imagery or symbolism. Also, it may be a personal preference but using think in succeeding lines “faster than you think… closer than you think” (also in the case of “I believe you, so do others around you) seems overly repetitive. I loved the intermingling of human emotion with elements of nature, you should keep playing with that. Good poem ;).


    1. I appreciate your comment and constructive criticism. I will take all your points into consideration. I am planning on going through all “My Poem of the Week” poems and making them better.


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