Hey! I’m slowly getting back into poetry. David Snape was kind enough to post one of my latest poems! Here’s the link. https://davidsnape.me/2017/05/10/keep-your-light-shining-by-brittany-brice/ And please check out his radio show and his social media. Thanks!

Your Heart is a Precious Treasure

Daily Prompt: Invitation

Your Heart is a Precious Treasure

Don’t invite just anyone into your heart.

Your heart is a precious treasure

that deserves more than to be cherished.

Be cautious of who you invite inside,

be sure they don’t cause your heart

more misery than joy.

Give away the keys to your heart sparingly

for there are too many in this world who

want the opportunity to use it for their

selfish desires.

But to those with selfless desires

will keep that key forever in their hearts

for they know this key is priceless

and the pain of abusing it will be worse

for you than them

and once lost may never be regained.

They’ll care for it with love for you

and be forever grateful of your incomparable gift.


“Someday” Today

Daily Prompt: Someday

“Someday” Today

Someday my dreams will come true

but I won’t wait until then to be happy.

Life is good now, I’m not suffering

there’s nothing to complain about

yes, I can make improvements

but there’s no reason to be miserable.


For years I said, “I’ll be happy when…”

But “when” came and I still wasn’t happy.

Better late than never, I learned that

happiness is a choice, and I made that

choice the day I found out and what a

difference it made.


I’m smiling and laughing more than ever,

looking on the positive sides of everything, (Yes, I see more than one!)

telling stress and anxiety “No!”

and not worrying way less than I used to.

I no longer so hard on myself

and accepted that being imperfect

is perfectly fine.


Sometimes you have to make “Someday” today.




Daily Prompt: Cling


I used to cling to terrible memories,

ones that bring me despair and

ones that make me cringe to this day.

But the Lord renewed my mind, for that

I am grateful for now I cling

to the memories that I don’t want to forget.


The nice words people have said to me

that uplifted my spirit in more ways than one,

the achievements I’ve made when I didn’t see any way

they would happen,

the beautiful friendships I’ve made,

the experiences that made me stronger and wiser.


These are the memories I love

and will never, ever let go of.

These are the ones that keep my joy flowing

and reassure me there are more amazing

memories to come.